KVS Network System Co., Ltd (as known as, KVS International Co., Ltd) established in year 1975, is the IT System Integrator and contractor specialized in the build of the Information Technology Structure cabling system, Datacenter, Backup Power, Precision Cooling system, Network equipment, Wireless, Servers, and PCs.

From year 1990, the booming of PC network over the terms “distributed computing” and “downsizing”, the releases of Novell Netware, Windows workgroup, and PC Servers have turned KVS to focus on Local Area Network products and services.

Especially, for hospitality sections as well as the businesses those require 24x7 uptime.

The company is highly specialized in building the IT Network infrastructure, IP network installation and configuration as well as Servers and PCs deployments.


To deliver each and every client unique network computing solution starting from scratch papers covering both LAN and WAN with application solutions. The 24x7 uninterrupted operations are possible by our Pro-active preventative maintenance and round the clock on-site services and supports.